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Find out more about Cocktail Club Ireland and how we worked with the business to kickstart their digital business into action through Website Design, eCommerce Store Development and much more!

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Cocktail Club Ireland

Cocktail Club Ireland

One of our many happy clients is Cocktail Club Ireland. Based in Ireland, they stock a variety of Cocktails and provide an online store to door service using their eCommerce Store. This enables consumers to purchase Cocktails from the site and enjoy them in the comfort of their own home. Before we began our services with Cocktail Club Ireland, the business was very much an idea, as opposed to a launched business and they didn’t know which way to go with handing the output of products.

We worked with the business to create an Online Brand & Flawless eCommerce Store in order to sell and promote their range of products. From single cocktails to packs, we have worked closely with the business and the owner to build a platform for all of their online marketing and traffic to use.

It’s about delivering results here at Roscommon Web Design and that is exactly what we have delivered as an agency!

"Build A Store & Site That SELLS!"

The brief for this project was quite simple. We had to build a store and website that sells cocktails in Ireland. How we approached it and what we did to achieve the end result was down to us as a team of professionals to decide, just as long as the business and it’s owner could sell their product to customers clicking through Search Engines & Social Media.

Our team discussed a basic plan and strategy and got straight to work. We set the WordPress Installation up for the client, ready to build our design on top, along with WooCommerce and our suite of additional extras, to build a ground-breaking cocktail store. Our team quickly got to work to build the store, hoping to turn the store around in just a couple of days!

We built the backend up to ensure that the client could manage the inventory, along with activate any sales, change prices and much more. This was essential for this type of store as the stock could vary month to month and we wanted the client to have complete control over what was shown, and where it was shown across the site. We then focused on the front end, providing a good browsing and purchasing experience for visitors and customers. This is where we invested the majority of our time, to ensure that it was flawless and easy to purchase their products.

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