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Find out more about Powerhouse Pilates Ireland and how we worked with the business to build an Online Platform to handle Bookings, Giftcard Purchase and more, while Marketing the services on offer!

Case Study Information

Powerhouse Pilates Ireland

Another one of our many happy clients is Powerhouse Pilates Ireland. Based in Sligo, Ireland, they provide Pilates Classes and Activities for Local Residents looking to keep fit and experience a different lifestyle. They contacted our team to assist with building a new business website, however they wanted the website to be more of a Digital Dashboard, where clients can find out information about services, book classes, buy giftcards and more.

We worked directly with Powerhouse Pilates to create an Online Platform & Dashboard for their new and current clients. Whether they want to book a class, find out information about a specific activity or purchase a Giftcard, Powerhouse Pilates Ireland has been created and developed to do exactly that.

It’s about delivering results here at Roscommon Web Design and that is exactly what we have delivered as an agency!

Bespoke Booking & Giftcard Integration

When creating the Powerhouse Pilates Ireland Website, the client wanted the site to be more of an Online Platform as opposed to a typical business website. Two of the main points that they wanted to include within the site were a Booking System & Giftcard Integration. The concept seemed extremely easy, however we had to ensure that all payments were secure, that it displayed the correct information on both ends and much more. This is where our team researched and developed.

With the business providing a variety of classes at different price points, we needed to ensure that the correct information was displayed, one to make it easier for the customer but also to make it sales persuading too! This is where we wanted to create the perfect solution. Through development, we created a Giftcard System that enables the customer to purchase a giftcard, configure cost, message, delivery address and much more.

It’s safe to say that the client was more than happy with the services that we provided. Our team worked to deliver the perfect solution and we can do exactly the same for you and your business!

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