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Find out more about TD Roofing Ireland and how we worked with the business to build a Deposit Payment System alongside an informative but simple website design using WordPress!

Case Study Information

TD Roofing Ireland

Another one of our happy clients is TD Roofing Ireland. Based in Ireland, they provide a variety of Roofing & Construction Services. They approach our team with the need for a Business Website Online. However, the website had to be informative, while also being able to handle payments via a range of different payment methods. This was something that our team was straight onto, building a secure but easy to use system.

We started with building the website as this was at the front of the operation. We needed to build the site from scratch and have it fully completed before we could integrate a Deposit Payment System on the backend as we would be embedding and including it across the website. Once completed, our team used a leading eCommerce System along with Bespoke Code to create a Deposit Payment System.

It’s about delivering results here at Roscommon Web Design and that is exactly what we have delivered as an agency!

Handle Deposit Payments Securely Through A Portal

The main aspect of this project was the Deposit Payment System. Not only did it have to handle payments securely, but it also had to provide the right information for both our client and their customer as the amount of money being handled through the platform is quite significant. We knew that as a team it had to be perfect for our client.

We worked with the leading eCommerce System, WooCommerce along with Bespoke Code to handle the payment system and to handle the input of user specified amounts. That way, the client could enter their desired amount and pay through the system. Once we had completed the way it was going to work and the UI, we then handled the payment methods.

We wanted to present two major options, Debit/Credit Card and PayPal. This was so that the client had the option to pay with their choice of method. We soon handled this though and created a system that enabled the client to pay for their deposit amount, online without any issues.

It’s safe to say that our client was happy with what we provided as the end result and our team were more than satisfied!

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