West Virginia Web Design

Article provided by: Pro Design, LLC

West Virginia web design & web site redesign services are our specialty, along with west virginia web development. We provide comprehensive web site design services for any size business or organization. Whether you are new to the Internet and need your first web site or have an existing site that needs a new look, we can help. We also provide ongoing web site maintenance for any updates, additions or changes. So if your webmaster has taken an extended vacation and you need your site updated, drop us a line!

Regardless of the type of business you need to do on the Web, in today’s market a professional presence and image on the Internet can mean the difference between success or failure.

At ProDesign, LLC, we don’t just design web pages — we build functional and professional web sites for businesses and organizations. We focus on developing a quality, professional image for your site. We have extensive training and the experience needed to build any type of site, from the simplest to the most complex. We can provide custom graphics design for logos and other images to make your site unique. And, we can integrate your site with print advertising to boost the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising dollars. Most important of all, we’re an established company with a proven track record and we are here to serve you not only today, but tomorrow as well.

Other Web Services Available
Domain Name Registration, Custom CGI Programming, Database Design & Integration, & CGI Script Installation and Configuration. Banner Ad Design, Web logo Design, GIF Animation, SWiSH Animation, Flash Animation & Presentation, Java, Javascript, Image Optimization & Color Correction/Balancing, & Web Site Up-Time Monitoring, West virginia print design

Web Site Maintenance
Need someone reliable to maintain or update your web site? Regular maintenance will ensure optimal performance from your web pages. Your maintenance plan can be tailored to your specific needs and can include some of the following:

  • Addition of new pages within the current design
  • Add, change or delete information, images, or photos
  • Monitor for broken links; both internal and external
  • Changes to dated information, such as a calendar of events, sale dates, schedules, etc.
  • Search engine submissions
  • Description and photo updates
  • And anything else you need…

Whether you have a site designed by ProDesign, LLC or someone else, ProDesign can provide you with the continuous upkeep and maintenance that a successful web site demands. All it takes is a broken link or some out-of-date content on your site to turn your visitors away for good. Don’t let this happen to your business!